Commissioning a portrait of your beloved animal makes a fantastic gift or keepsake with a very personal touch. It will be and remain a unique and original record of a much loved pet that will stand the test of time.

I also offer a complete framing service for the paintings I produce if required.

I work from photographs to create your painting, the photos need to be clear and show up detail. If you have sadly lost your animal I can view the photos you have and can advise if they are suitable to work from. It is better if you have a selection of photographs with your favourite one for the portrait indicated. If you would prefer a different background to the one on the photograph this is not a problem, plain backgrounds are also popular as they allow the viewers attention to be drawn exclusively to the animal. If you cannot decide or are unsure which is most suitable for your chosen photograph- I am here to help!

I produce work in pastels onto specialist paper. I use only high quality materials. Pastels give a very soft effect which many people enjoy, however a pastel painting is quite fragile and will need to be framed behind glass in order to protect the delicate surface.

PRICES 2019:

Size Price
8×6” £60
10×8” £100
10×12” £125
16×12” £150
16×16” £165
20×16” £250
20×18” £270
24×20” £330


Pastel paintings are supplied mounted ready for framing, a mount typically adds between 2 and 4 inches on top of the size of the painting.

P&P UK: £10


If you are interested in commissioning me please contact me on:

No deposit is required you will be notified when the painting has been completed, at which point payment in full is due. I accept payment by cheque, or online using Paypal secure ordering system- once your painting is ready and before dispatch. You will be able to view photos of the finished painting before payment.

If you are not completely satisfied I can make minor alterations or the painting can be returned to me for a full refund.

Important note! If the photograph you wish to use for the pose for the portrait has been taken by a professional photographer you will need to get their written consent to use the photograph for this, as they will still own the copyright of the image.